Saturday, October 19, 2013

Death is only a beginning

I've noticed that most people are afraid of skulls,and I have an idea why that might be..we are conditioned by religion and society that skulls are "evil" and "bad",that they are something to be feared..they're not..ancient peoples viewed skulls as beautiful and sacred..they saw them for what they are,a representation of transformation..when you die,that is not "the end of the line" are not your physical body..what makes you you is your soul,your spirit and that lives on long after the body's soul is pure energy,and energy never dies,that is a scientific,you,your friends,your loved ones,they are not truly gone..they have only transformed into another state of being..maybe someday society can return to seeing skulls as beautiful and sacred..I'm not talking about the gory,frightful images of skulls,that is a good example of religion and society's conditioning to see skulls as "evil"..I'm talking about the ordinary image of a skull,human or reminds us that this life is fleeting,and most are afraid of that because they believe death to be a finality..also,most seem fearful of any animal associated with death..a good example,the vulture..they are not the most physically beautiful animals on Earth,but they are noble animals..I see them as "nature's clean up crew"..they can help prevent the spread of disease among humans and animals..most do not see their beauty,but it is there..there are other animals that people fear because they're equated with death,and that "evil" connotation is most definitely not well deserved..I was once fearful of death,but now that I see it for what it truly is,a beginning of a new journey,I am not afraid..I do not WISH to die,not yet,but I am not afraid when it finally does come..and it does come eventually for ALL of us..

Sunday, September 29, 2013

We are on the cusp of a Golden Age for humanity

There are so many horrible things happening in this world..the mess in Egypt,the mess in Syria,not to mention the everyday atrocities that humans commit on other humans and our animal brethren..but as horrific as these things are,there IS a "light at the end of the tunnel" so to may not seem like it to alot of people who have become cynical and mistrusting of the world and each other..but it is..slowly..that is no way to live to mistrust everyone,to think everyone has a hidden agenda..the way this world is now one feels like they can't trust anyone..and I feel that there's truth to that,however,you cannot mistrust everyone..people need to learn discernment...I needed to,because I didn't want to mistrust everyone,but I didn't quite feel I could trust everyone either..I've come across people who think those that are kind loving people are "weak" and that they somehow deserve to be taken advantage of,so that's what they do..then that causes those kind loving people to become weary of anybody and everybody and slip into that dark pit that the person or persons who took advantage of their kind hearts came out of..sometimes those negative perpetrators are also former targets who have been dragged into that pit,but not always..some are born into those dark pits.We do not need to end up a meal for these misguided souls..all we need to do is awaken to the truth of the universe..and the path to get there varies with each individual...what worked for one does not necessarily work for another..I know that seems VERY vague,but it is not my place to give set answers to people..anyone who does does not have your best interests in mind,their only goal is to control you in some manner.If someone would ask me how I got to the point in my life I'm at today,I would gladly share it with them,but that does not mean that the way I found the lit path will work for is a start though and I'd be glad to share if one simply asks :)
I am not enlightened,at least not yet..but I am on the lighted path to become so..I do not think I am smarter or in any way better than anyone else..I am like you,I am a cosmic citizen on a journey from life to life to experience for God and to perfect my soul so that one day I may return to source..that is one of many wishes I have for humanity,to have them all see what a beautiful spark of the divine they all are,to realize their full potential..some sparks are dimmer than others,but they are still beautiful in the eyes of the great creator :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Even the cabal deserves prayer...

I've been thinking about the so-called "shadow government" or "the cabal"..yes,they have done horrible things to humanity..experimentation,mind manipulation,religious fear mongering..the list goes on and on.But I've come to the realization that they need prayers and healing too..their hearts have become as black and as hard as coal..they have turned away from the love of the divine..I think it's time to stop blaming them and start taking responsibility for ourselves..I am by no means excusing the things they have done,but they will answer one day for that and that is on them,not me..I do think that we as cosmic citizens need to keep spreading the truth and exposing their nefarious deeds whenever we come across legitimate information..I know I will continue to do so.But it is not our place to judge them..we need to pity them for the lost souls that they are..we need to be the change we want to see in the world..we don't need to be perfect,just loving and wish is that all awakened peoples will come to this realization and when they send prayers and healing to the world,also send the same to those who wish to keep us in these chains of fear and despair..I think they need it most :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

You can see the universe in the eyes of ALL beings

There seem to be so many differences that divide us..our beliefs,our political affiliations,our love or dislike for a certain celebrity..the thing is,we only APPEAR to be different..different skin color,different eye color,different sexual orientation,different beliefs..those are just illusions..NONE of us are different from any other being on this planet..I wish that people would take the time to look,I mean REALLY look into the eyes of another human being and the eyes of any animal..if you look with your heart,you would see that we are ALL little sparks of the same consciousness that created us..and the same holds true for beings that are not of this Earth..they too are little sparks of the same vast consciousness that we are..even the Catholic church is starting to recognize that..a priest by the name of Guy Consolmango said "any entity-no matter how many tentacles it has-has a soul"..that still brings tears to my eyes..
It is my sincerest hope that more and more people awaken to this simple truth,and find ways to live in harmony with one another and every living thing on this beautiful "island in an ocean of stars"..that is my purpose for being in this life,it is my purpose for writing this simply love and spread love..I will admit,it is difficult at times,when hatred and negativity still darken some people's hearts..I sometimes fall to their level and get caught up in their negativity..we all do,it's part of this human experience..but when that occurs,we need to pull ourselves back up,dust ourselves off,and center ourselves back into the light of the divine..the universe does not want us to be perfect,the universe wants us to be us..when we encounter negative people,we need to let them go with love and ignore them..they thrive on conflict,and if we deprive them of that conflict,then it will be better for us AND the world around us :)

Live In Love :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The universe is love..just love..

It saddens me that there are so many people that have been brainwashed by traditional religion to believe that "God is vengeful,God is hateful,God is spiteful" and so on,and so is not their fault,I do not blame the followers of their particular religion,and I am not bashing religion..I feel that religion can be a good thing,when it is freed of the dogma that humans have wrapped around it..ALL religions have one thing at their is where the universe an endless ocean of love..pure love..we humans do not know what that feels like because we are taught to believe we are separate from God/Allah/All That Is/Goddess/Great Spirit..we are not..that is a falsehood perpetuated by those whose only goal in life is to subjugate through fear and ignorance..they are not the originators of this feeling of separateness,only the purveyors of it..I don't really know where it originated from,but it did not originate from the Great Creator..the Great Creator only knows one people also believe that "God is angry that I am angry with him"(you can insert however you define the Great Creator..Allah,Goddess,Great Spirit,ect.)..that is also not true..but,as I said,it is not anyone's fault they feel this way..we are all taught to believe this..even when someone leaves a particular religion that teaches this separateness,and they do not share it's beliefs anymore,sometimes that feeling is still with them..when I come into contact with people like this,I say to them with love that the universe loves them and cherishes them,it will never leave you or abandon you,even though it may feel that way sometimes..the universe ALWAYS has a plan,and sometimes you are the last to know because you can't see past the worry...we as humans need to realize what the great singer/songwriter John Lennon said "all you need is love"..and that IS all we need :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

A thought about Cryptids

There are so many creatures defined as cryptids..Sasquatch,Nessie,Chupacabra,Thunderbirds..I personally believe they are ALL very real..but I just had a thought,and I wanted to put it out there..what if all of these beings are inter-dimensional?That there is hardly any proof of their existence because they pop in and out of this reality?That doesn't mean that they are not physical has not been able or willing to accept that just because something is inter-dimensional doesn't mean it's "not real" or doesn't exist..just like ET's,they are most all inter-dimensional..but some of those beings aren't extraterrestrial..they are terrestrial,but exist at a different frequency that most humans cannot perceive yet..there are so many more layers to this existence than humans can perceive with their basic senses..not all beings that are inter-dimensional are ET's,and not all inter-dimensional beings are extraterrestrial..things in this reality and beyond are not as black-and-white as people would like to think..seeing the universe in that way is yet another method to divide us,to make us think we are separate from the great creator..I personally believe that humanity is on the cusp of a HUGE leap forward in it's evolution..we are entering what ancient prophecies have called "the golden age"..but what if that means also that humanity will become "a golden race"?Soon I believe we will not only have open contact with the star nations,but also with the so-called "unseen" brothers and sisters that share this world with us..they are patiently waiting,and they too are excited for the day when they can again interact with humans and not be afraid because of their primitive behavior..I think that's why people have seen the "mythical" Thunderbird but there is no so-called solid proof of it..because people who've seen them have only gotten a glimpse of them popping in and then out of this reality..I think there are holes,some big,some small all over this planet where sometimes things "pop in and out" of this reality..there are also stories of Sasquatch disappearing in a flash of light right in front of a hope is that science realizes just because most of us can't perceive something,it doesn't mean it's "not real"..who gets to define what is "real" anyway?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shifting into other dimensions

I am noticing more and more that I'm shifting into other dimensions..all humans have this innate ability,they just don't know how to tap into it.And I'm not exactly sure how I did..I think just by my frequency changing,my whole outlook changing..I wish that more people could experience what I do on now what seems a daily today,I was out with my aunt and my grandmother,and I was in the car listening to music..I shifted dimensions right there in the backseat!It was only a few seconds,but I'm glad I wasn't driving..I'm not at the stage where I can control when I shift and when I don't,it just happens.I've never driven a car,and now I'm not sure that I should..if I would be behind the wheel when this happens,I might get into an accident..and the last thing I'd ever want to do is harm someone..I'm not concerned about myself,I'm concerned about others.I am very blessed to have one friend that I can talk to about these things..she is my star twin :)
Even if she's never experienced it,she has an open enough mind to consider the possibility of it..and,I also enjoy writing this blog and sharing my experiences with anyone who wants to read it..and I want to personally thank anyone who's read my posts..even if you don't believe anything I'm saying,I hope you'll be open minded enough to consider the possibility..that's all I'm hoping for :)
I'm not here to change anyone's beliefs..if I was,I'd be no better than the ones who control most of the world..and I will not be like that.As long as someone respects my beliefs,I will respect their beliefs(or non beliefs).I was recently listening to a Coast to Coast AM radio show with a woman named Delores Cannon..she explained that people shift into other dimensions all the when you know you left your keys on the kitchen go and they're not go looking for them,you come back,and there they are,right where you left shifted to another dimension  where things were exactly the same,but the keys weren't there..many people have disappeared that way..

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm always wondering about the universe..about all the life that is out there,and what it looks like.There are MANY science fiction stories(aside from Star Wars and Star Trek) that describe different species,what they look like,what their general behavior is like,their social structures,family life,technology,level of's difficult for most people to imagine all those things..but those thoughts occur to me daily..I'm finding it more difficult to focus on mundane things,like cleaning the house,doing the dishes,the laundry..I find that I am able to easily slip into and out of a meditative temporarily become one with the I am now..I can see in my mind's eye some of the different species of this universe(there are many)..there are beings that look VERY human,there are beings that are humanoid but have some facial features of Earthly animals,there are beings that have the head of an Earthly animal but a human-like body,there are beings that look NOTHING like anything on Earth,and there are beings that are pure light/energy...and everything in between those.I was also thinking about what this world looked like millions of years ago,when all the land masses were one..Pangaea..and if there were beings that were looking down on this planet,and what they saw..Earth still looks peaceful from a distance,but when you look closer that is when you notice the strife and how unnecessary it is..most of the conflicts in this world I look at with a sort of detached observation..not completely detached,because I feel connected to every living thing on this planet,so I still feel their pain and the pain of Gaia,our mother..I just do not feel the "fake pain" if you will that permeates our is conjured pain,pain that does not truly exist..there is REAL pain in the world,and I feel that every day..these things that separate us are only an elaborate illusion..we are not truly separate form one sees no color,no race,no religion,no sexual orientation..we are the same as the rays of the is is only fear and ignorance that gives the illusion of separateness it's power..and that power is finally weakening..because the power of love ALWAYS trumps the power of hate

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love over hate

There is alot of hate in this world,but people only hate because of a lack of their parents,by their siblings,by their children,by society itself..they have been burned in one way or another by this world,and so their hearts harden as a defense mechanism,and they learn to bring others down to their level so that they have someone else to share their self-imposed misery..but one does not have to follow these sad souls into walking a path of love,of peace,of tolerance,you deprive the darkness of what it needs to survive and thrive..hatred,fear,any kind of negativity..and in so doing,you may bring others out of their self-imposed darkness..but,do not be disheartened if they do not wish to follow the path of light..that is their journey to take,you cannot force it upon them..the ones that choose to stay in darkness are afraid to take the path of light,and again,that is their journey.
We,as warriors of light,cannot save everyone,for they must come to the light of their own will..for if we impose it on them,we are no better than the ones who seek to keep humanity in the dark pits of ignorance and fear..we must continue to speak our truth,and find those whose hearts are ready to listen..and those who wish to bring us down into darkness by ridiculing and laughing at us and hurl strong,hate filled words at us,we must send them love but we must also not back down from ignorance and fear,but we must defend our truth with love,not is difficult to do I know,but love begets love just as hate begets hate...we must choose love...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Ramblings from a Cosmic Citizen

The thought just crossed my mind about what people will do and think when the star nations arrive en mass and they realize that the God that they have been worshiping all their lives is actually just another divine spark like they are?That they have no "special powers" that make them gods,just high technology?It will shake alot of people's faith in religious doctrines that are based on lies and falsehoods that were designed to control through fear..I know there will be some people that it won't shake their faith in their God,it will make it stronger,but those who sadly still believe the outdated dogmatic nonsense that they've been fed will in fact be shaken to their very core.I personally don't think the star nations can wait until that emotional attachment to lies and falsehoods that alot of humans has faded away..that I feel will take several more generations..but I do not feel that they are waiting for that,they know that Mother Earth cannot wait until "all is well" with humanity.But I have developed a HUGE faith in humanity over the last few years,and there are large amounts of people that are waking up and realizing that the way things are on this planet are not right,and are starting to take steps to help the Earth and all who dwell here..this transition will take time,it is not going to be *poof* all is well..but I believe that humanity is ready and able to do the hard work that is necessary to help this planet and help each other..I believe that is why the star nations are making their appearances in the skies more frequently..they are getting humanity accustomed to their very real presence..they don't want to arrive and scare everyone half to death..they want it to be as smooth as possible.I know my faith will not be shaken or shattered by their will make mine even stronger than it is now,which is pretty strong..I also believe that their appearance will bring a bigger understanding of the universe,that we are ALL cosmic citizens,we are all connected..and after that day comes,all wars,poverty,dis-ease,and all the other scourges of humanity will become things of the distant past..people will no longer remember such things
Random ramblings of a Cosmic Citizen

It is so hard to go back to the asleep state I was in..and I don't WANT to.The energies that came in on Dec.21st,2012 have awakened me to the universe and the limitless possibilities that are abound..but I admit it is difficult at times..with becoming more awake and aware,my dreams are also becoming more vivid..most mornings when I wake up,I have to stop and think if I'm in this reality or that one..the only thing that distinguishes this reality from the other is the fact that it is bright daylight here,and there it is perpetual twilight...THAT is the only thing that is different.It is becoming easier for me to see the symbology in my dreams,so it seems the symbols are becoming less vague..and I am able to physically see the divine spark that is in every living thing..I see small multidimensional beings off and on,I hear conversations of others(but only parts) before or after the conversation has taken place and when I'm not even physically there!Sometimes it's still hard to wrap my head around all of these wonderful changes,but I'm enjoying every minute of it.I want to try to share these "random ramblings" regularly,because they help me to write them down,and hopefully,they help someone reading them :)
And maybe I'll share my crazy wonderful dreams too :)
Random ramblings from a Cosmic Citizen

Life does not have to be is a wondrous journey that we all take and we all share..we are all one..religion has taught us that we are separate from God,but that has never been the case..we are ALL connected to source,no matter what our personal beliefs are(or aren't)..Atheists are not people to be feared,or ridiculed,or vilified..they choose not to believe in a higher power,and that to me is fine..there have been Atheists that have committed horrible crimes against humanity,but,there have been countless more who are of other faiths that have also done horrible things to their fellow man..the source believes in them even if they don't believe in the source :D
No one is ever alone,even though they may feel that may not have friends,or family,but you are NEVER have source/the universe/God/Allah/The Great Spirit/Goddess whatever one wishes to call it..if one quiets the mind and goes within,they can connect to Spirit..they can ask a question to anything,and they will receive the answer..