Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love over hate

There is alot of hate in this world,but people only hate because of a lack of their parents,by their siblings,by their children,by society itself..they have been burned in one way or another by this world,and so their hearts harden as a defense mechanism,and they learn to bring others down to their level so that they have someone else to share their self-imposed misery..but one does not have to follow these sad souls into walking a path of love,of peace,of tolerance,you deprive the darkness of what it needs to survive and thrive..hatred,fear,any kind of negativity..and in so doing,you may bring others out of their self-imposed darkness..but,do not be disheartened if they do not wish to follow the path of light..that is their journey to take,you cannot force it upon them..the ones that choose to stay in darkness are afraid to take the path of light,and again,that is their journey.
We,as warriors of light,cannot save everyone,for they must come to the light of their own will..for if we impose it on them,we are no better than the ones who seek to keep humanity in the dark pits of ignorance and fear..we must continue to speak our truth,and find those whose hearts are ready to listen..and those who wish to bring us down into darkness by ridiculing and laughing at us and hurl strong,hate filled words at us,we must send them love but we must also not back down from ignorance and fear,but we must defend our truth with love,not is difficult to do I know,but love begets love just as hate begets hate...we must choose love...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Ramblings from a Cosmic Citizen

The thought just crossed my mind about what people will do and think when the star nations arrive en mass and they realize that the God that they have been worshiping all their lives is actually just another divine spark like they are?That they have no "special powers" that make them gods,just high technology?It will shake alot of people's faith in religious doctrines that are based on lies and falsehoods that were designed to control through fear..I know there will be some people that it won't shake their faith in their God,it will make it stronger,but those who sadly still believe the outdated dogmatic nonsense that they've been fed will in fact be shaken to their very core.I personally don't think the star nations can wait until that emotional attachment to lies and falsehoods that alot of humans has faded away..that I feel will take several more generations..but I do not feel that they are waiting for that,they know that Mother Earth cannot wait until "all is well" with humanity.But I have developed a HUGE faith in humanity over the last few years,and there are large amounts of people that are waking up and realizing that the way things are on this planet are not right,and are starting to take steps to help the Earth and all who dwell here..this transition will take time,it is not going to be *poof* all is well..but I believe that humanity is ready and able to do the hard work that is necessary to help this planet and help each other..I believe that is why the star nations are making their appearances in the skies more frequently..they are getting humanity accustomed to their very real presence..they don't want to arrive and scare everyone half to death..they want it to be as smooth as possible.I know my faith will not be shaken or shattered by their will make mine even stronger than it is now,which is pretty strong..I also believe that their appearance will bring a bigger understanding of the universe,that we are ALL cosmic citizens,we are all connected..and after that day comes,all wars,poverty,dis-ease,and all the other scourges of humanity will become things of the distant past..people will no longer remember such things
Random ramblings of a Cosmic Citizen

It is so hard to go back to the asleep state I was in..and I don't WANT to.The energies that came in on Dec.21st,2012 have awakened me to the universe and the limitless possibilities that are abound..but I admit it is difficult at times..with becoming more awake and aware,my dreams are also becoming more vivid..most mornings when I wake up,I have to stop and think if I'm in this reality or that one..the only thing that distinguishes this reality from the other is the fact that it is bright daylight here,and there it is perpetual twilight...THAT is the only thing that is different.It is becoming easier for me to see the symbology in my dreams,so it seems the symbols are becoming less vague..and I am able to physically see the divine spark that is in every living thing..I see small multidimensional beings off and on,I hear conversations of others(but only parts) before or after the conversation has taken place and when I'm not even physically there!Sometimes it's still hard to wrap my head around all of these wonderful changes,but I'm enjoying every minute of it.I want to try to share these "random ramblings" regularly,because they help me to write them down,and hopefully,they help someone reading them :)
And maybe I'll share my crazy wonderful dreams too :)
Random ramblings from a Cosmic Citizen

Life does not have to be is a wondrous journey that we all take and we all share..we are all one..religion has taught us that we are separate from God,but that has never been the case..we are ALL connected to source,no matter what our personal beliefs are(or aren't)..Atheists are not people to be feared,or ridiculed,or vilified..they choose not to believe in a higher power,and that to me is fine..there have been Atheists that have committed horrible crimes against humanity,but,there have been countless more who are of other faiths that have also done horrible things to their fellow man..the source believes in them even if they don't believe in the source :D
No one is ever alone,even though they may feel that may not have friends,or family,but you are NEVER have source/the universe/God/Allah/The Great Spirit/Goddess whatever one wishes to call it..if one quiets the mind and goes within,they can connect to Spirit..they can ask a question to anything,and they will receive the answer..