Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random ramblings of a Cosmic Citizen

It is so hard to go back to the asleep state I was in..and I don't WANT to.The energies that came in on Dec.21st,2012 have awakened me to the universe and the limitless possibilities that are abound..but I admit it is difficult at times..with becoming more awake and aware,my dreams are also becoming more vivid..most mornings when I wake up,I have to stop and think if I'm in this reality or that one..the only thing that distinguishes this reality from the other is the fact that it is bright daylight here,and there it is perpetual twilight...THAT is the only thing that is different.It is becoming easier for me to see the symbology in my dreams,so it seems the symbols are becoming less vague..and I am able to physically see the divine spark that is in every living thing..I see small multidimensional beings off and on,I hear conversations of others(but only parts) before or after the conversation has taken place and when I'm not even physically there!Sometimes it's still hard to wrap my head around all of these wonderful changes,but I'm enjoying every minute of it.I want to try to share these "random ramblings" regularly,because they help me to write them down,and hopefully,they help someone reading them :)
And maybe I'll share my crazy wonderful dreams too :)

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