Sunday, September 29, 2013

We are on the cusp of a Golden Age for humanity

There are so many horrible things happening in this world..the mess in Egypt,the mess in Syria,not to mention the everyday atrocities that humans commit on other humans and our animal brethren..but as horrific as these things are,there IS a "light at the end of the tunnel" so to may not seem like it to alot of people who have become cynical and mistrusting of the world and each other..but it is..slowly..that is no way to live to mistrust everyone,to think everyone has a hidden agenda..the way this world is now one feels like they can't trust anyone..and I feel that there's truth to that,however,you cannot mistrust everyone..people need to learn discernment...I needed to,because I didn't want to mistrust everyone,but I didn't quite feel I could trust everyone either..I've come across people who think those that are kind loving people are "weak" and that they somehow deserve to be taken advantage of,so that's what they do..then that causes those kind loving people to become weary of anybody and everybody and slip into that dark pit that the person or persons who took advantage of their kind hearts came out of..sometimes those negative perpetrators are also former targets who have been dragged into that pit,but not always..some are born into those dark pits.We do not need to end up a meal for these misguided souls..all we need to do is awaken to the truth of the universe..and the path to get there varies with each individual...what worked for one does not necessarily work for another..I know that seems VERY vague,but it is not my place to give set answers to people..anyone who does does not have your best interests in mind,their only goal is to control you in some manner.If someone would ask me how I got to the point in my life I'm at today,I would gladly share it with them,but that does not mean that the way I found the lit path will work for is a start though and I'd be glad to share if one simply asks :)
I am not enlightened,at least not yet..but I am on the lighted path to become so..I do not think I am smarter or in any way better than anyone else..I am like you,I am a cosmic citizen on a journey from life to life to experience for God and to perfect my soul so that one day I may return to source..that is one of many wishes I have for humanity,to have them all see what a beautiful spark of the divine they all are,to realize their full potential..some sparks are dimmer than others,but they are still beautiful in the eyes of the great creator :)

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