Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm always wondering about the universe..about all the life that is out there,and what it looks like.There are MANY science fiction stories(aside from Star Wars and Star Trek) that describe different species,what they look like,what their general behavior is like,their social structures,family life,technology,level of's difficult for most people to imagine all those things..but those thoughts occur to me daily..I'm finding it more difficult to focus on mundane things,like cleaning the house,doing the dishes,the laundry..I find that I am able to easily slip into and out of a meditative temporarily become one with the I am now..I can see in my mind's eye some of the different species of this universe(there are many)..there are beings that look VERY human,there are beings that are humanoid but have some facial features of Earthly animals,there are beings that have the head of an Earthly animal but a human-like body,there are beings that look NOTHING like anything on Earth,and there are beings that are pure light/energy...and everything in between those.I was also thinking about what this world looked like millions of years ago,when all the land masses were one..Pangaea..and if there were beings that were looking down on this planet,and what they saw..Earth still looks peaceful from a distance,but when you look closer that is when you notice the strife and how unnecessary it is..most of the conflicts in this world I look at with a sort of detached observation..not completely detached,because I feel connected to every living thing on this planet,so I still feel their pain and the pain of Gaia,our mother..I just do not feel the "fake pain" if you will that permeates our is conjured pain,pain that does not truly exist..there is REAL pain in the world,and I feel that every day..these things that separate us are only an elaborate illusion..we are not truly separate form one sees no color,no race,no religion,no sexual orientation..we are the same as the rays of the is is only fear and ignorance that gives the illusion of separateness it's power..and that power is finally weakening..because the power of love ALWAYS trumps the power of hate

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