Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love over hate

There is alot of hate in this world,but people only hate because of a lack of their parents,by their siblings,by their children,by society itself..they have been burned in one way or another by this world,and so their hearts harden as a defense mechanism,and they learn to bring others down to their level so that they have someone else to share their self-imposed misery..but one does not have to follow these sad souls into walking a path of love,of peace,of tolerance,you deprive the darkness of what it needs to survive and thrive..hatred,fear,any kind of negativity..and in so doing,you may bring others out of their self-imposed darkness..but,do not be disheartened if they do not wish to follow the path of light..that is their journey to take,you cannot force it upon them..the ones that choose to stay in darkness are afraid to take the path of light,and again,that is their journey.
We,as warriors of light,cannot save everyone,for they must come to the light of their own will..for if we impose it on them,we are no better than the ones who seek to keep humanity in the dark pits of ignorance and fear..we must continue to speak our truth,and find those whose hearts are ready to listen..and those who wish to bring us down into darkness by ridiculing and laughing at us and hurl strong,hate filled words at us,we must send them love but we must also not back down from ignorance and fear,but we must defend our truth with love,not is difficult to do I know,but love begets love just as hate begets hate...we must choose love...

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