Thursday, September 19, 2013

Even the cabal deserves prayer...

I've been thinking about the so-called "shadow government" or "the cabal"..yes,they have done horrible things to humanity..experimentation,mind manipulation,religious fear mongering..the list goes on and on.But I've come to the realization that they need prayers and healing too..their hearts have become as black and as hard as coal..they have turned away from the love of the divine..I think it's time to stop blaming them and start taking responsibility for ourselves..I am by no means excusing the things they have done,but they will answer one day for that and that is on them,not me..I do think that we as cosmic citizens need to keep spreading the truth and exposing their nefarious deeds whenever we come across legitimate information..I know I will continue to do so.But it is not our place to judge them..we need to pity them for the lost souls that they are..we need to be the change we want to see in the world..we don't need to be perfect,just loving and wish is that all awakened peoples will come to this realization and when they send prayers and healing to the world,also send the same to those who wish to keep us in these chains of fear and despair..I think they need it most :)

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