Saturday, October 19, 2013

Death is only a beginning

I've noticed that most people are afraid of skulls,and I have an idea why that might be..we are conditioned by religion and society that skulls are "evil" and "bad",that they are something to be feared..they're not..ancient peoples viewed skulls as beautiful and sacred..they saw them for what they are,a representation of transformation..when you die,that is not "the end of the line" are not your physical body..what makes you you is your soul,your spirit and that lives on long after the body's soul is pure energy,and energy never dies,that is a scientific,you,your friends,your loved ones,they are not truly gone..they have only transformed into another state of being..maybe someday society can return to seeing skulls as beautiful and sacred..I'm not talking about the gory,frightful images of skulls,that is a good example of religion and society's conditioning to see skulls as "evil"..I'm talking about the ordinary image of a skull,human or reminds us that this life is fleeting,and most are afraid of that because they believe death to be a finality..also,most seem fearful of any animal associated with death..a good example,the vulture..they are not the most physically beautiful animals on Earth,but they are noble animals..I see them as "nature's clean up crew"..they can help prevent the spread of disease among humans and animals..most do not see their beauty,but it is there..there are other animals that people fear because they're equated with death,and that "evil" connotation is most definitely not well deserved..I was once fearful of death,but now that I see it for what it truly is,a beginning of a new journey,I am not afraid..I do not WISH to die,not yet,but I am not afraid when it finally does come..and it does come eventually for ALL of us..

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