Saturday, August 17, 2013

You can see the universe in the eyes of ALL beings

There seem to be so many differences that divide us..our beliefs,our political affiliations,our love or dislike for a certain celebrity..the thing is,we only APPEAR to be different..different skin color,different eye color,different sexual orientation,different beliefs..those are just illusions..NONE of us are different from any other being on this planet..I wish that people would take the time to look,I mean REALLY look into the eyes of another human being and the eyes of any animal..if you look with your heart,you would see that we are ALL little sparks of the same consciousness that created us..and the same holds true for beings that are not of this Earth..they too are little sparks of the same vast consciousness that we are..even the Catholic church is starting to recognize that..a priest by the name of Guy Consolmango said "any entity-no matter how many tentacles it has-has a soul"..that still brings tears to my eyes..
It is my sincerest hope that more and more people awaken to this simple truth,and find ways to live in harmony with one another and every living thing on this beautiful "island in an ocean of stars"..that is my purpose for being in this life,it is my purpose for writing this simply love and spread love..I will admit,it is difficult at times,when hatred and negativity still darken some people's hearts..I sometimes fall to their level and get caught up in their negativity..we all do,it's part of this human experience..but when that occurs,we need to pull ourselves back up,dust ourselves off,and center ourselves back into the light of the divine..the universe does not want us to be perfect,the universe wants us to be us..when we encounter negative people,we need to let them go with love and ignore them..they thrive on conflict,and if we deprive them of that conflict,then it will be better for us AND the world around us :)

Live In Love :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The universe is love..just love..

It saddens me that there are so many people that have been brainwashed by traditional religion to believe that "God is vengeful,God is hateful,God is spiteful" and so on,and so is not their fault,I do not blame the followers of their particular religion,and I am not bashing religion..I feel that religion can be a good thing,when it is freed of the dogma that humans have wrapped around it..ALL religions have one thing at their is where the universe an endless ocean of love..pure love..we humans do not know what that feels like because we are taught to believe we are separate from God/Allah/All That Is/Goddess/Great Spirit..we are not..that is a falsehood perpetuated by those whose only goal in life is to subjugate through fear and ignorance..they are not the originators of this feeling of separateness,only the purveyors of it..I don't really know where it originated from,but it did not originate from the Great Creator..the Great Creator only knows one people also believe that "God is angry that I am angry with him"(you can insert however you define the Great Creator..Allah,Goddess,Great Spirit,ect.)..that is also not true..but,as I said,it is not anyone's fault they feel this way..we are all taught to believe this..even when someone leaves a particular religion that teaches this separateness,and they do not share it's beliefs anymore,sometimes that feeling is still with them..when I come into contact with people like this,I say to them with love that the universe loves them and cherishes them,it will never leave you or abandon you,even though it may feel that way sometimes..the universe ALWAYS has a plan,and sometimes you are the last to know because you can't see past the worry...we as humans need to realize what the great singer/songwriter John Lennon said "all you need is love"..and that IS all we need :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

A thought about Cryptids

There are so many creatures defined as cryptids..Sasquatch,Nessie,Chupacabra,Thunderbirds..I personally believe they are ALL very real..but I just had a thought,and I wanted to put it out there..what if all of these beings are inter-dimensional?That there is hardly any proof of their existence because they pop in and out of this reality?That doesn't mean that they are not physical has not been able or willing to accept that just because something is inter-dimensional doesn't mean it's "not real" or doesn't exist..just like ET's,they are most all inter-dimensional..but some of those beings aren't extraterrestrial..they are terrestrial,but exist at a different frequency that most humans cannot perceive yet..there are so many more layers to this existence than humans can perceive with their basic senses..not all beings that are inter-dimensional are ET's,and not all inter-dimensional beings are extraterrestrial..things in this reality and beyond are not as black-and-white as people would like to think..seeing the universe in that way is yet another method to divide us,to make us think we are separate from the great creator..I personally believe that humanity is on the cusp of a HUGE leap forward in it's evolution..we are entering what ancient prophecies have called "the golden age"..but what if that means also that humanity will become "a golden race"?Soon I believe we will not only have open contact with the star nations,but also with the so-called "unseen" brothers and sisters that share this world with us..they are patiently waiting,and they too are excited for the day when they can again interact with humans and not be afraid because of their primitive behavior..I think that's why people have seen the "mythical" Thunderbird but there is no so-called solid proof of it..because people who've seen them have only gotten a glimpse of them popping in and then out of this reality..I think there are holes,some big,some small all over this planet where sometimes things "pop in and out" of this reality..there are also stories of Sasquatch disappearing in a flash of light right in front of a hope is that science realizes just because most of us can't perceive something,it doesn't mean it's "not real"..who gets to define what is "real" anyway?