Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Ramblings from a Cosmic Citizen

The thought just crossed my mind about what people will do and think when the star nations arrive en mass and they realize that the God that they have been worshiping all their lives is actually just another divine spark like they are?That they have no "special powers" that make them gods,just high technology?It will shake alot of people's faith in religious doctrines that are based on lies and falsehoods that were designed to control through fear..I know there will be some people that it won't shake their faith in their God,it will make it stronger,but those who sadly still believe the outdated dogmatic nonsense that they've been fed will in fact be shaken to their very core.I personally don't think the star nations can wait until that emotional attachment to lies and falsehoods that alot of humans has faded away..that I feel will take several more generations..but I do not feel that they are waiting for that,they know that Mother Earth cannot wait until "all is well" with humanity.But I have developed a HUGE faith in humanity over the last few years,and there are large amounts of people that are waking up and realizing that the way things are on this planet are not right,and are starting to take steps to help the Earth and all who dwell here..this transition will take time,it is not going to be *poof* all is well..but I believe that humanity is ready and able to do the hard work that is necessary to help this planet and help each other..I believe that is why the star nations are making their appearances in the skies more frequently..they are getting humanity accustomed to their very real presence..they don't want to arrive and scare everyone half to death..they want it to be as smooth as possible.I know my faith will not be shaken or shattered by their will make mine even stronger than it is now,which is pretty strong..I also believe that their appearance will bring a bigger understanding of the universe,that we are ALL cosmic citizens,we are all connected..and after that day comes,all wars,poverty,dis-ease,and all the other scourges of humanity will become things of the distant past..people will no longer remember such things